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Sonoma Valley  (http://www.sonomavalley.com/)

Beyond its reputation as a renowned wine and travel destination, Sonoma Valley is simply unforgettable.

It’s a magical state of mind, a historic legacy, a leader in sustainable tourism, a home to America’s first CittaSlow or “slow” city, a mecca for the senses and a pastoral slice of paradise. And just 45 miles north of San Francisco, you’ll find our paradise makes for an incredibly convenient getaway.

a setting that feels worlds away

Located in California’s “happiest” county—Sonoma Valley’s scenic 17-mile span offers endless discovery for new and repeat visitors. The birthplace of the California wine industry, it continues to delight discerning palates and rack up awards for its dazzling vintages—produced by wineries of all shapes and sizes. Here serene vistas of rolling vineyards and lush farmlands stretch as far as you can see, and postage stamp towns glow with as much character as the local wines.

wine and food experiences

You’ll find endless ways to experience your surroundings; explore the 13,000 acres of state and regional parks. Attend a private barrel tasting or savor world-class cuisine. Browse stalls brimming with organic produce at local farmer’s markets. Discover why Sonoma was selected as the country’s first “slow” city—from its green ways of living to its charming central plaza and artisan food and wine culture.

a history of hosting

The town of Sonoma boasts two of California’s oldest and most distinguished wineries, where tastings are available every day. Across the Valley you’ll also find a broad, patchwork swath of intimate, family-run tasting rooms—where the person behind the counter is often the winemaker. Sonoma’s splendidly preserved Plaza rests under a canopy of grand old shade trees, surrounded by historic adobes and carefully preserved buildings—including a pristine mission. It also brims with chic boutiques, charming shops and great restaurants.

Come invigorate your outlook and open your windows onto Real Wine Country, one of the sweetest places on earth.


San Francisco:

San Francisco is a duang great city to visit.


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